Pencak Silat Naga Dua Harimau

Pencak Silat Naga Dua Harimau is a system of Self Defense and combat founded by Guru Tim Lee. The name itself means the Dragon and the Two Tigers, symbolic of our lineage to Sigung Bruce Lee and my Harimau ( Tiger Style) Silat teachers, Pendekar Herman Suwanda and Pendekar Suci Grandmaster Richard Crabbe De Bordes. Our lineage to Sigung Bruce Lee is through Soke  Joe Purcell, Keller, Texas and his direct teachers Sifu Dan Inosanto, and Sigung Joseph Cowles. Sigung Cowles was founder of the Wu Wei Gung Fu system and Soke Purcell is current lineage holder of that system. Within PSNDH we have elements of JKD principles, incorporating Filipino, Indonesian and Thai martial arts, as well as teaching methodology of Honmatsu Aikido founded by Sensei Ross Robertson. As the system grows we will continue to in the words of Sigung Bruce Lee “Absorb what is Useful”, where it fits the philosophy of the school. The School in its founding would like to recognize the first 3 students to reach Black Sash status in this community of PSNDH. Pesilat Jherich Silas, Pesilat Archie Carlson, and Guru/ Sensei Michael Koerner. Michael has been instrumental in helping produce training manual documentation and is in my opinion my right hand in this organization.  The school was founded out of a need to grow from where we were in our training, to produce an educationally valid platform to organize material and move forward in a manner that would recognize growth in our students.  In 2015, we participated in sharing of material with Yume Dojo Arizona in Glendale and have a partnership in training we simply call Ohana, for Family. The Yume Dojo is founded by Shihan Lou Klaff and we have become good friends. It is the belief of this organization that we have A lot more in Common than Apart. We look forward to future collaboration. Instrumental in the original forming of PSNDH was my long time friend Sensei Ross Robertson, his legacy in Aikido started in 1978. He has been founder of both Still Point Aikido Center Austin, Texas as well as the Founder of the training methodology he calls Honmatsu (root and branches).  His influence on our group is significant, it was with his encouragement I moved on to found this organization, along with encouragement from Soke Purcell, to explore my own path. For information regarding class schedules and availability for seminars, please email


Absorb What is Useful